Sava: Bohinj to Belgrade


Due to the current Corona Situation the Balkan Rivers Tour 5 has been postponed to next year! Same place same – same time, stay tuned!


Balkan River Defence close to kicking off the fifth Balkan Rivers Tour! The team will be descending the complete Sava river, from Bohinj to Belgrade. Everyone is invited to organise their own River Action as part of the tour. This is the perfect stage for researchers and river conservationists to join forces. Read further to see how! If you conduct your research in the Sava catchment, make sure you sign up your own River Action!


Sunday’s Science Chats

Every week on Sunday, all students, researchers, local communities, and curious people along the tour will meet up for a Science Chat. This is where we exchange stories told through science or any range of disciplines involved in the protection of the river systems. Do you live around the Sava? Mark these dates in your calendar and join our chats! Open to anyone interested, you don’t have to be a scientist, you just need a sense of curiosity.


  • April 26 | Kranj (Slovenia)
  • May 3 | Zagreb (Croatia)
  • May 10 | Davor (Croatia)/Srbac (BiH)
  • May 17 | Posavski Podgajci (Croatia)
  • May 24 | Obedska Bara (Serbia)
  • May 31 | Belgrade (Serbia)


These events are green dots on the Action Map available on the BRD website. More information will follow, sign up to our newsletter so you don’t miss it!

Research along the tour

Several students will follow sections of the Balkan Rivers Tour to gather data for their Master or PhD thesis. Research topics range from geopolitics to remote sensing and from morphology to anthropology. Research methods range from citizen science to sampling and from interviews to photography. We believe knowledge exchange between all these researchers AND the local river defenders on the ground is needed to create a lasting impact with the work being undertaken. Do you want to get actively involved with this diverse group of individuals or join on a raft or field trip, get in touch and we can get you in the loop!

In need of science?

Do you think a scientific argument could bring your fight for the river a step further? Get in touch and we will see in which ways we can support you.