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We like to connect people that care for free-flowing rivers. By becoming a member, you can show that you care about the collaborations that come from these connections and that our ideas resonate with yours. The annual membership fee of € 15,- helps us to keep building this network and protect our free-flowing and healthy rivers, worldwide.

We do not offer you any exclusive events or access, as we believe all knowledge should be shared as widely as possible. We do invite you for a yearly general assembly, where we present what happened over the last year and what is the plan for the next. This meeting is a moment to receive your input and is valuable to us.

But most of all, by being a member you are part of the community and we would love to see you putting your knowledge into action for your (home) rivers!

If you want to become a member, please send an email to with the following information:
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If you sign up, please transfer a membership fee of € 15,-. This can be done preferably through bank transfer. You can also use PayPal or donate through GoFundMe.

Please leave a note that this money is meant for your membership fee and we will send you a confirmation! If you like to donate more, we won’t stop you 😉 Thank you for your support!

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